Innovative learning solutions since 1988

We deliver positive results.

Learning solutions from CLR Consultants help you

  • improve individual and organizational performance
  • enhance occupational health and safety
  • increase compliance with legislative, regulatory and organizational directives
  • protect your organization’s people, assets and reputation  

We create solutions that meet your needs.

We address the learning needs of your organization. We deploy the necessary expertise – and the right tools – to create solutions that fit your unique needs and infrastructure, as well as your budget.

We ensure our learning solutions are neat, clean and as simple as possible to use for both administrators and learners. By doing so, we allow your people to focus where you want – on mastering their learning objectives!

We make technology work – for you!

We adapt, and if necessary create, technology to meet the demands of your learning solution. Whether the requirement is a text to speech (TTS) tool that will operate in any browser, like the one on this page, a way for your Human Resources software to talk to your Learning Management System or a web-based language learning lab, CLR Consultants and its partners have been there and done that and more.

We share our skills.

Educating clients about the development of learning solutions is an integral part of our process. We facilitate the transfer of skills to your organization throughout a project, including:

  • effective learning solution design
  • evaluation of interactive elements
  • selection of the right delivery methods
  • course updating and maintenance
  • monitoring project effectiveness
Text to Speech Controls Click play – TTS activates.
Wait two seconds.
Click play – audio begins.
  • play button: text to speech
  • pause button: text to speech
  • skip backward button: text to speech
  • skip forward button: text to speech
  • mute button: text to speech