What We Do

We maintain relationships with a diverse group of external consultants, from both academia and industry. This ensures a uniformly high level of competence is available when providing the following learning solutions and other services.

Curriculum design

Contrary to the wishes of mothers everywhere, telling people something does not always result in them actually doing it. To change behaviour, it is necessary to understand what motivates people to master and then implement the desired learning objectives. This is where curriculum design comes in.

We gain an understanding of your organization, its technical environment and your audience – whether it's your employees, clients, students or whomever. We identify what your audience needs to know or do and then map out a curriculum that will take it from where it is today to implementation of the desired behaviours.

Curriculum design is typically led by one of our bright stars, who teaches instructional design, program evaluation and systems analysis at both the Master and Doctor of Education in Distance Learning levels.

Course creation

Once curriculum design is complete, with clearly identified "needs to know" and learner profiles, we create a course that

  • motivates your learners
  • enhances task-oriented behaviour
  • provides learning experiences that translate to effective implementation of the learning objectives

These e-learning courses:

  • present consistent information 24/7/365, no matter where learners are located
  • provide a safe environment where learners can experiment without impacting the organization
  • present information in the visual format familiar to today's learners

Mobile learning – Of course! As of February 2014, Americans (and most definitely Canadians) were using smartphones and tablets more than PCs to access the Internet. Learners are mobile. Learning solutions should be as well, so we design for access on both computers and mobile devices.

Course conversion – You may already have a course you want updated to maintain its relevancy or take advantage of current technology. If so, give us a call. We will be glad to be of service.

Blended learning – There are times when e-learning on its own should be supplemented by in-class instruction or hands-on training (such as putting on a gas mask, inserting a hypodermic needle or simulating a mediation session). Our instructional designers identify these situations and, in cooperation with the client organization, develop the necessary e-learning supplements.

Rapid course creation is exactly what its name implies. When you need a course yesterday, we deliver it posthaste. Our core group of highly skilled individuals possess a wide range of complementary skills and have worked together for more than a decade. This allows us to make a quick response an everyday occurrence while a really fast response is just good service, which our clients have learned to expect.

Localization – "Canada," you say? We have two official languages and a variety of unofficial ones. When you need a course delivered in more than one language, we provide the expertise.

Instructor-led training and ancillary materials are also provided. Whether you require a train-the-trainer course with facilitator and participant manuals or need an instructor to lead a workshop or teach a course, we provide the expertise. And if you want your employees to learn about e-learning development from the experts, we are always ready to assist.

LMS & Learning Portals

A learning management system (LMS) is the backbone of your online learning initiatives, handling system enrolment, course registrations, administration, tracking and reporting. Its capabilities can permit great flexibility in course design and administration or severely restrict an organization's options. For this reason, selection of an LMS is a crucial first step in online learning.

We assist organizations in selecting and custom-tailoring an LMS for its specific audiences and unique business needs. CLR Consultants and its partners also offer installation, configuration, hosting and support services, irrespective of your location. And as our servers are based in Canada and owned by Canadians, client data is protected from the Patriot Act and other American legislation.

You already have an established LMS that meets your needs? We will design our e-learning solutions and other services to meet its precise specifications.

Moodle – We are vocal proponents for Moodle, which is a free, open source LMS. It is scalable, customisable and secure as well as the most popular LMS worldwide. As many organizations have discovered, Moodle offers substantial cost savings while providing equal or superior capabilities when compared to proprietary options.

Of course, Moodle is not for everyone. There are situations where an IT department may not wish to install a new software application and where corporate policy prohibits the use of a third-party server. In these situations, we either locate an LMS acceptable to the IT department or develop a custom solution that meets its specifications.

Other services

CLR Consultants and its partners provide a variety of services that complement our learning tools. These services include, but are not limited to

  • application design and development for computers and mobile devices
  • course migration from one LMS to another
  • LMS hosting and support packages
  • workshops to facilitate staff development and enhance organization practices, such as policy development, meeting facilitation, ethical decision-making and more
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